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The company storage will warnings conditions provide a and tenured CEO, strong storage geographic presence, transportation excellent customer service, and and a top-notch fleet of transportation equipment. With multiple buses in transportation the terms of payment storage fleet it can handle a wide array of and events and occasions. This is conditions a privately owned, long-established, very profitable company with nearly.6 million in storage annual sales income, about 213,000 in owners annual earnings and continues to storage grow. For more storage information on this and listing- copy and paste this link into your browser m/lid-32010 for instant access to and this business information. A separate written listing agreement is conditions required which sets forth transportation the duties and obligations of the broker and the seller. Vehicle Value: 350,000 7 Assigned FedEx Linehaul spot Routes Skagit County, Washington; free advice 10 Tractors 7 Assigned FedEx Linehaul spot Routes Skagit County, Washington for sale 1,200,000. Retrieved 29 September 2017. They were down from 7 to storage 5 delivery options drivers and until December 1st when they added another driver and United in Portland has conditions requested a 2nd driver and truck which the owner is in the process of adding as transportation of 12. Contact us to storage receive Confidential Information Memorandum 1,200,000Cash Flow: 330,000 7 Assigned FedEx Linehaul spot Routes Skagit County, WA; 10 Tractors Opportunity for 300k Increased Revenue and 60k Increased Cash flow by Utiliz Please complete the. The company, primarily a transport service provider under the able leadership achieved conditions great success and built and its reputation in the market. Call Frank to learn more @. Retrieved 1 maint: Archived copy as title ( link ) Ontario Power Generation ; Darlington Waste Management and Facility a b c "Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage: Public Report (2006) Board on Radioactive Waste Management (brwm. The employees demonstrate a culture of customer service excellence and the drivers adhere to protocols of strict road safety. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the need for alternative storage in the United States began to grow when pools at many nuclear reactors began to fill up with stored transportation spent fuel. The bus company is nearly 30 years old, and its owner (from inception) is seeking retirement. The company is a commercial delivery storage service that conditions was started in 2007 and specializes in both long and short haul flatbed truck freight service. Dry cask storage area, dry cask storage is a method of storing high-level radioactive waste, such and as spent nuclear fuel that has already been cooled in the spent fuel pool for at least one year and often as much as ten years. Retrieved oecd Nuclear Energy Agency (May storage 2007). International, Domestic Companies, and Amazon Sellers Use this Company storage to Warehouse, Palletize and Ship from Los Angeles. Call Mike to learn more about this business. The fuel rods inside are surrounded by inert gas. This new company had earnings of 103,373 in 2018 on revenues of 201,428. Purchase or lease of real estate is negotiable. Please contact the broker, Gerald Nimberg at m. The State has also contracted with this company to transport Medicaid patients to and from medical treatment and facilities transportation (now serving Essex and Union) and various New Jersey counties (now servicing Essex and Sussex) have contracted this company to provide bus. Vehicle, RV Boat Storage. "Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities (nfcis. Facility is ready to expand to the next level by adding other profit centers with new income streams to the base rental income. The terminal is located in Camden County NJ and these routes are very close to the terminal saving fuel and wear and tear on equipment. He states the demand is very high and his guys are busy all storage and day every day. He has 2 full time drivers, 2 office staff including a dispatcher and a bookkeeper who also does the billing, and 2 shop people including a mechanic. All else is paid for by the drivers. Find OUT more customer service, moving doesnt have to be stressful, but there are a lot of details to consider. The business gets calls every day for towing. Currently operates 15 trucks and 19 trailers. This business has been as busy as the owner wants service policy outside working hours it to be and is now ready to be passed on to a new owner as the seller is ready to do other things in life now that the family has expanded. That is why he only works 15 hours a week and his revenues have been so steady. Location: Just North of Denver The offering price is only 490K which was lowered on from 575K. Annual sales have grown over transportation 400 during the last five and years and the cash flow has more than doubled. 1,800,000Cash Flow: 300,000 West Coast Fulfillment Company Profitable Business, Owner Retiring, Priced to Sell Company has operated for over 18 years providing warehousing and fulfillment services storage to client companies who engage in E-commerce, direct to consumers and business to business sale of their products. Always transportation on the cusp of innovation, Crystal also provides solutions such as express refrigerated transportation for LTL (less than truck load) consignments and portable cold storages. The other big opportunity is for him to hire a licensed Tow Truck driver or get one or more of his current and drivers wreck master trained and certified in custody and control procedures transportation because they have two. Additionally, owner could become a major player by rolling up smaller companies through acquisition- the marketplace will more than accommodate. Price is below market for this amount of revenue. Some of the cask designs can be used for both storage and transportation. This is the main reason why the sales price has dropped from 575K to 490K. We Can Help, at Union Gas we transportation strive to be the "Supplier of Choice." In addition to the vast integrated physical assets at our disposal, we also create and provide leading edge services to allow customers to make the most of those assets. The perfect candidate is someone with an entrepreneurial attitude that wants to take this business to the next level. 95 are delivered in Colorado typically under a 300 mile radius. Their highly reputable quality service sets them apart. For more details and financing options go here: ml 750,000Cash Flow: 143,000. Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung storage und -prüfung. Vehicles are included in the purchase price. 150,000 Orange County Movegreen Franchise 150,000 - Moving Company For Sale Established Movegreen Franchise for sale. Come join a quickly growing Full Service, Eco Friendly Moving Company with National brand awareness and corporate accounts in place. 880,000Cash Flow: 228,688 FedEx Line Haul Routes For Sale, Lexington, KY 8 Vehicles Included! Assets include 4 tractors and 3 and tankers -Staffing include company drivers, owner operators. Headquartered and in Essex County, the owners are willing to sell their business to the right buyer and go their separate ways. Everything and is in place. In addition to residential moves, we also specialize in corporate and commercial relocation. The Medicaid transportation needs of the state are not being fulfilled in any county in the state, Essex and Union Counties included. 1,390,000Cash Flow: 430,000 Profitable Nationwide Trucking Company Profitable Nationwide Trucking Company This Nationwide Trucking company has 25 semi-trucks traveling throughout the continental. An often overlooked aspect of your vehicle maintenance procedures revolves around how you store your favorite car, boat,. FedEx Ground Route in Camden County. Office ID# - 4050 CC 1,210,000Cash Flow: 355,000 4 Highly Profitable FedEx linehaul Routes, City of Industry shipping policy CA Team runs with stable mileage and strong cash flow! Our movers will help you throughout the entire moving process with anything you need, from pre-move planning to settling in to your new home. Company Broker Group, LLC, and Jeff Chapman and Eisnaugle conditions will be operating solely as a Seller Agent in all transactions. 2017 purchase returns Revenues:.E: approx 317,000 Fixed Assets: Approx.3 Million 249,995Cash Flow: 162,400 Fedex Longhaul Net 162k only 249k total absentee RUN great entry price, Get in and grow with reduced owner benefit.Well established and protected Fleet. Protected territories conditions are purchased through independent distributor and contracted through FedEx. Great equipment list included which includes 2 delivery trucks. Room to grow to 1,500,000 a year net in six months. He does deliveries storage for at least 5 different United Rentals locations (4 in Colorado and 1 in Oregon). Each run averages in excess of 3000 conditions miles weekly, strong demand and very stable. All of the deliveries are empty containers mostly from dealers, custom shops, or random customers wanting to move a container. There are several ways a new owner could run this business, ranging from completely absentee, to semi-absentee, to fully employed as a freight broker. International Household Moving, the international moving division of Constantine Group specialises exclusively in the packing, shipping and storage of household effects throughout the world. This business and location gives you an opportunity to expand to several niche markets. Thank you for your interest. The total assets are approximately 440K in current value. The buyers agent must disclose to all potential sellers all adverse material facts actually known by the buyers agent, including the buyers financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction. The first dry storage installation in the US was licensed by the. They have delivered generators to both Houston last year and California this summer because of disasters. Please feel free to explore our site to learn what we can do to help make your business successful. Fuel is typically cooled at least 5 years in the pool before transfer to cask. Brief Overview and Selling Points: This company utilizes an outside contract Bookkeeper to handle all bookkeeping duties including payroll and tax preparation. There are over 20 trucks now. As the economy improves and demand for freight traffic increases, both industry revenue and profit are typically expected to rise for this industry. 16 The transport from Gundremmingen to the Ahaus site met with considerable public protest and the power plant operators and the government later agreed to locate such casks at the powerplants. We have a dedicated Freight Dispatcher, who constantly looks for freight and dispatches the trucks year round. Great side business current owner has run by mobile phone. Metrorail Blue and Yellow Lines this summer will be impacted. They offer commercial and residential pick-up and delivery options throughout the piedmont and east coast of North e Company has been performing well for decades due to the high demand for its services in the area. Company offers a knowledgeable staff and a quality fleet of 5 comfortable vehicles are included in the sale. Unique opportunity to own a low start up cost, turnkey business in one of the busiest corners in Naples. New buyer can expand the truck repair business. He wants to focus on real estate. Other cask designs orient the steel cylinder vertically on a concrete pad at a dry cask storage site and use both metal and concrete outer cylinders for radiation shielding. Trucks are from 2004 storage to 2012 and very well maintained by in-house mechanic. Seller's Agent: a seller's agent works solely on behalf of the seller to promote the interests of the seller with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity. He will be keeping his cash and accounts receivables and will pay off all debt including the accounts payables so that the business transfers debt free. Hanser, cited through IST. Their business plan includes hauling truckload freight within the Midwest, South, and Southeast. Please contact the broker. The sales price was established by the earnings with consideration to the current market value of the truck and trailer, recurring nature of the customers, some concentration of revenues, and the profit margin. Retrieved External links edit. Mailing brochures to rental companies with large equipment should work also. Typically, companies like this will have 4 to 6 of revenues in advertising.

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